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Over the last 15 years, I've been an independent artist and a major label artist, I've toured by myself in a car and I've toured in a bus with a full crew, I've played to 3 people and I've played to 80,000 people, I went from having a small following of a few hundred online fans to being the #1 Music channel on YouTube. I've experienced both great successes and great failures, and I will use my hard-earned experience to help you, wherever you happen to be on your own musical journey. Whether you'd like to focus on singing, songwriting, live performance, marketing your music, creating compelling online content -- I am confident I can help. 


      As a vocal coach, my approach is tailored specifically to you and your needs. I am a trained opera singer and earned my Bachelors Degree in Voice Performance from one of the top music programs in the United States, and I can certainly help you with vocal exercises and technique, however my passion and specialty is as an intuitive vocal coach, tuning in to your blocks and helping move past them. Singing is soothing, healing, and spiritual. Singing raises your vibration and frequency. Singing is joyful! But so many people have a negative relationship with their voice, and feel blocked or afraid to sing. People I coach typically notice improvements in as little as one lesson, through working with the exercises and getting to the root of the issue(s), which is often more energetic/emotional than technical! Let me help you shift your relationship with and to your voice! If you can talk, you can sing! 

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        Possible coaching areas include: 

        • Vocal technique
        • Performance
        • Songwriting/song critique
        • Online marketing/social media
        • Creating compelling online content
        • Marketing plans
        • Crowdfunding (I just raised $50,000+ in one month and can help you maximize your crowdfunding efforts!)
        • Anything you need help with, whether you are a career artist or a passionate hobbyist! 

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